Robert Wants to Help Others Struggling with the Same Forces He Overcame


Last week Robert from Delaware County visited the shop. He bought 2 slices for himself and donated a slice. We were glad that Robert stopped in because it had been a while since his last visit.

At the time of his last visit, Robert was homeless. He was working part-time at a nearby theatre in security, when he heard about our pay-it-forward program.

“I was homeless at the time, living in Covenant House [a Philadelphia-area shelter] up in Germantown and I had no money for food and I had to save, so I came to Rosa’s to get a slice and get me through my shift and use my money wisely.”

He was a little shy and reserved during his first visit, but now, he’s like an old friend. He currently attends the Community College of Philadelphia and LOVES IT!

“I love the sense of community and that I can depend on my fellow students around me and count on my faculty to help me with whatever I need to get done.”

Robert had a hard childhood. His parents weren’t very involved in the lives of him or his siblings. Drugs were often present, but he says he’s gotten passed all that drama.

“I came to Philly to start my college education, and move on with my life.”

He’s active in student government. “I’m a senator at-large and I do a lot of work engaging with students and giving them a voice within the school. I’m also looking to reform a lot of policies and get things moving along with curriculums and student activities… I wanted to reach out to senators, maybe the mayor, and start getting funding for CCP so we can get things rolling financially.”

What are Robert’s goals for after school? “I want to be a neurologist and I want to put myself through med school.”

Lofty goals, but when Robert shared his approach to life with us, we realized that nothing will stop him.

“Small goals. One day at a time…It’s always going to be hard and it still is hard, but the thing is, it’s just me grounding myself and staying in it and staying focused and realizing that I’m working towards something.

“When it’s all said and done, the best thing to do is give back and help others along the way because humanity is a network. Pull others up and they’ll pull you up. I’m very, ‘Give good energy, get good energy.’”

Your story certainly gives us GREAT energy, Robert! We were happy to help and we look forward to seeing you again! We wish you luck with all your future endeavors, though we are sure that you won’t need it.

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